4rabet verification

4rabet is a legal and licensed project. All its new customers need to verify their personalities according to KYC standards before requesting their first cash withdrawals. This rule is common for all legit gambling platforms. From this article, you will get to know how to carry out the 4rabet verification and why you should do it.

All new 4rabet players must be verified

What is 4rabet verification for?

Gambling and betting projects ask their customers to complete the verification to confirm that they meet the following criteria:

  • Have already come of age
  • Live in a territory where the project is legally available
  • Use their own money to make stakes
  • Create only one account in the system and get the welcome bonus only once
  • Do not participate in money laundering or other fraudulent activities

To verify their accounts, gamblers usually need to submit to the administration photos or scans of the following valid documents: passport, ID, driving license, utility bill, bank statement and bank card. They might need to take a selfie with one of these documents. When taking a photo of their bank card, they need to show only the first four and the last four digits of its number and they do not need to show the CVV. The quality of all photos or scans should be high and all letters and numbers should be clearly visible.

Why do I need verification on 4rabet?

How to verify a 4rabet account?

Normally, New Customers can find the detailed verification rules in the Terms and Conditions section of the site. But at 4rabet, these rules are described very vaguely. The administration of the platform emphasizes that new players need to come of age to be allowed to create an account. Also, it lists the countries whose residents are not allowed to use the 4rabet services.

The team of the platform says that it “has the right to request documents proving the identity of the clients”. The aim of verification is to “confirm the accuracy of the information” that customers indicate in their profiles. If a player fails to submit their documents, their account might be blocked. To unblock it, the user needs to complete the verification.

4rabet does not list the necessary documents on the Terms and Conditions page. But it says that clients need to update the information that they indicated upon verification if their private data changes. This might happen, for instance, if a lady gets married and changes her last name. If the administration detects that the personal information that a client indicated is not relevant anymore, they can cancel this player’s payments, stop or block their account.

If the administration discovers that a client has created multiple 4rabet accounts, they will close these accounts and apply further sanctions. All financial transactions that were carried out using a duplicate account will be recognized as invalid. The client will not get back the deposits and bets that they made from the main and duplicate accounts. The administration will request the client to return all winnings, bonuses and funds received using the backup account.

The 4rabet team goes to great lengths to create excellent conditions for online betting and gambling. Customers should respect their efforts and obey the rules of the platform.

The administration will try to review your documents as soon as possible. But if many new clients will be requesting verification at the same time, you might need to wait a few days. To save time, you might want to verify your account as soon as you register.

You will need to pass the 4rabet verification only once. But when you hit a big win, the administration might carry out additional personality checks.

Instructions on how to verify at 4Rabet